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The Perfect Christmas Movie Donation Page


Not every family is in a financial position to go out to see a movie. Well that is where you come in.  You can donate for one person, a family or even a group to see The Perfect Christmas in theatres!

During the Holidays this is a fantastic gift to give to a stranger and your opportunity to spread a little Christmas cheer.

How it works:

1. Fill out the form and click "Donate"

2. Tickets will be provided to individuals and families who request them on our claim a free ticket page.

*100% of all donations go to the purchasing of movie tickets for The Perfect Christmas

**In the event donations exceed the free ticket requests, then the remaining balance will be used to purchase group tickets to then be donated to local churches in lower income neighborhoods for their youth and family ministries departments to enjoy The Perfect Christmas as a church family.

***No Refunds

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